Our journey truly began as I spiritually awoke to find myself in the dark and curious to what was happening, but more importantly why, I set out to uncover the spiritual truth, and what I found changed everything. In the process of discovering “The Truth of Life and Death” Father God blessed me with spiritual insight and divine revelation. And, like only a few before (Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jacob, Ezekiel, Samuel, Elijah and Jesus) God revealed Himself in person and then befriended me.

Our walks came with with great experiences – there was a dying and rebirthing process that opened the door to God, then transitioning from old me to the new me which wasn’t easy either. The spiritual rebirthing process and the renewing of the mind is difficult for us all. I was unfamiliar with God’s word back then and I didn’t realize how far I’d fallen away from Him. God was patient with me though and thanks to Jesus I was able to stand back upright again and get back to life.

Father God and Jesus Christ both instructed me over the course of 3 years 2009-2011, they taught me faithfully to do the things we’re now revealing. During these great lessons not only did I grasp the truth of life and death but I witnessed the spiritual afterlife first-hand. (God showed me the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd heavens) Father God and Jesus Christ would often take me for long walks that eventually led to the offering of a job bringing their faithful message to life. Once I agreed to the position I began writing a number of books detailing the journey’s and insights.

God told me anything worth doing is never easy. Anyone who’s ever brought something wonderful to this life can testify to this I’m sure. The truth is we’re all spiritual beings having a material experience of life and one day we’ll transform into our true spiritual selves and then leave this world. With this being understood, we should all take God at His word regarding how we’re meant to live. (In love) Life is for living, living is for loving, and loving if for everything.

Father God revealed throughout the eons that there’s an afterlife (heaven) and if we’re to make it back home to Him we’re to be mindful of His Word. Jesus Christ, the firstborn among us taught of this too. He reminded us of that “Love is The Way”, showing us how God desires for us to be with Him.

Truthfully we’re all capable of living on forever, the thing is whether or not we’ll chose life over death and follow after Jesus in love with God. We see so many struggling to keep a loving and faithful perspective towards anything these days. The world can seem somewhat uncaring, ungodly or altogether unrighteous. The rebellious choose not to be in love with God and because they try and make God’s world an unloving place they reveal unrighteousness. (which ultimately leads to death)

Really though love is truly “The Way” I hope we all get into it quickly and start living a life worth living. Since the beginning God showed how much He loves us, especially as He sacrificed His Son, Jesus Christ, in order to save our lives while we were still sinners. I do hope you live as if this gift wasn’t in vain. He only asks we have faith and believe in Him to do, get this, what He’s always done.

For years people have been challenged with their understanding. They’ve struggled with discernment of God’s Word misunderstanding that for an eternal life we must not only believe Father God saved our lives with a perfect sacrifice, we must also learn to live faithful in unity with Him. When we believe, we’re saved by grace, forgiven, and then redeemed. (reborn spiritually) and granted access back to Father God.

Whenever people fall away from “The Truth of Life and Death” they lose more than their way, they lose their lives forever.

Mesa Faith is preparing to help everyone strengthen their relationships with The Holy Trinity as we get set to reveal understanding of unity and conformity according to The Holy Bible. (living with Him – As One)

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About James Martinez Ministry

We’ve striven with God for years, chosen to deliver His faithful message – God gave James Martinez His blessing so that he may fulfill a covenant. His vows include delivering a greater spiritual awareness of unity as he helps guide the world faithfully home. James Martinez carries an earnest and hopeful message revealing of God’s everlasting love for His children.

We’re thankful and honored to share this journey with you, God bless you.

Father God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit gave James quite a view of life. They shared how it became what it is today and asked he deliver a greater understanding of God’s Word. Considering how much James uncovered of how life works, its clear why God chose him. James visited heaven many times, uncovering the spiritual truth of life afterlife, and how God’s Word is applicable, God decided to use his insight to bring revelation to this suffering world.

Our main goal is to guide everyone to a greater spiritual understanding, we’re doing this by explaining the spiritual side of God’s Word and helping with the application of it. We teach by example the meaning of The Righteousness of God. (we live in love)

We understand there are many challenged around the world with religious beliefs, we also know, however, by developing a unifying relationship with God life gains new meaning. We’re going to teach the world how to live in perfect harmony with Him. We discovered how it all works, and we know it’s because of God we’re capable of delivering this understanding.

Our Ministry is developing a more complete perspective of spirituality and revealing how to live a life meriting an after-life. Its not just one thing that must be done but a combination of understandings which help us grasp this unifying way. We realize God has the final say on who makes it to heaven, thanks to His blessing we share His direction. “Love Is The Way”

We know the struggles of the world and we understand there are forces at work against us all, but we also know together with God we can live in unity as one, and overcome the adversity we’re all met with every day.

God’s great commission is to help teach the world of “The Way” leading to life. Every true believer lives in the truth of God and helps lead others by teaching them of it. We know the word of God is within The Holy Bible, our ministry seeks to help everyone better understand the spiritual meaning of The Written Word.

Over the years we’ve encountered many challenged with their understanding. We’ve heard every reason for not wanting to believe and we empathize with all who struggle. After being shown the truth of life and death and how God’s Word is not only relevant to all life and how its alive and living, God asked we help guide others to this greater understanding.

Our mission is to reveal the spiritual side of God’s Word and the only way we know to do this is by explaining the spiritual insight and revelation The Holy Trinity’s allowed for us to become part of.

We’re preaching The Truth of The Gospel, we’re revealing the need for good morals and upright virtues, all of which are based on otherworldly principals applicable to every person in every moment. We hope that by learning to stand upright and walk in “The Way” God asks us, you’ll find your way to a better life, and to an eternal life forever in heaven with Him.

Thanks to God we’ve found with Him can we accomplish all things, and together we’re capable of all things. We co-create heaven on earth now. We believe we can help you and your loved one’s with living in this wonderful and spiritual way and we look forward to teaching you all that we’ve learned.

God bless you
James Martinez

Your First Step

Our new outreach program is designed to help end needless suffering. We can sometimes lose sight of who we are and what we’re capable of. Sometimes we fall or get stuck in an unfortunate situation. Your First Step was created to help those who’ve fallen, to get back up and take that first step to living uprightly once again.

Questions we ask are things like, Is life getting harder? Are you finding more adversity, can’t seem to get past those obstacles? Are you struggling to move forward? We want you to know its not as hard as you might think to get back up, its the staying up part that so many struggle with.

So many get stuck looking for the answer they already possess. With God all things are possible. Our ministry is designed to help remind the lost who they are and what we’re all capable of when we have faith, hope, and belief.

Our program is designed to help shift perspective in order to realize The Truth. Getting back to life isn’t as far away as one might think. (Just look up child) With God, we’ve the ability to help everyone, it seems the ones most in need are the ones suffering the ways of the world. If this is you remember, there is hope!

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Minister, Author, Transcendent Artist

Realizing how challenging the concept may be for any person to be able to see God, we’re bringing to life this message faithfully. Its clear many harbor reservation about what’s possible and many others live in fear doubting everything, including themselves. Looking back at all that’s transpired I think it amazing God would use someone like who I was to bring something so wonderful to life. Its taken a long time to find The Truth and I didn’t just go find God in a book or in a church, I literally found Him up in heaven.

I’ve since dedicated my life to Him. Our works testify to this.

Before I knew God or rather before I was known by Him, I lived in the dark suffering myself and the world like many others. I was lost suffering terribly. I sought the understanding to the spiritual awakening I had undergone. That awakening started me on a journey which eventually led me to be in the direct presence of God our Father, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit. (The Holy Trinity.)

Father God took me under His wing and taught me Himself from 2009-2011. He helped me let go of the past to strive for the future. He helped me understand how to live in unity with Him. He taught me of virtue, things like mercy, patience, understanding, compassion, and forgiveness. Ultimately He taught me of love and how to live upright within it.

He showed me uprightness and revealed good morals. He cleansed my spirit, purified my soul, and sanctified me in His righteousness. He changed me from the old person into a new creation. In the process we changed the world in a way only He can. 

He asked me to write for Him and deliver a faithful message.

God our Father The Creator of life, along with Jesus Christ The Lord and Savior of the world, asked me to write and share our experiences with the world – I accepted.

I’ve written four books and published two (more on the way), we’ve also created hundreds of pieces of artwork telling the story of our walks and extraordinary encounters. 

Visit my personal site for more information on our transcendent walks or pick up some of our released works, if you’d like to own something we’re creating for yourself reach out to James. Thanks for visiting and may God bless you and your loved ones.

Also, we welcome and appreciate any support, should you feel moved to donate visit PayPal Here. All donations are tax deductible and go towards fulfillment of our vows to God in establishing MesaFaith.org.